How to create a seperate news template

If you have several news page,you can use a different (sub)template for each page. For example, you have a blog page and a news page. In your news page, you want to have title and time only. In your blog page, you want to have title, time and teaser.

To use a different (sub)template for each page, do the following in RiteCMS 1.0.0+.

  • Create new page, type in your address as usual.
  • Choose Properties→News page. In the input area, type in a name.
  • Login to your website with your ftp software, go to /templates/subtemplates. Copy and paste and rename it as (match name with the last step).
  • Customize as you want, you can change the class id or re-arrange all the components in this file.
  • Define all corresponding class ids in your style sheet.

You just defined a new template for your second news page!


  • Share some classes if you can among different news pages.
  • You can use the same technique for overview pages.
  • Make sure you don't break the php code in the subtemplates.


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