How to query Menu items directly?

Wednesday, August 03, 2016, 00:38

RiteCMS menu variables are explained below:

$menus: this is an array variable. it includes all menu items. The menus that you created for your website should be located at:


Every menus should have a name. Let us say you have created menus main_nav for the main menu and bottom_nav for bottom menu.

In your webpages, it is recommended that you refer to each menu in the menu settion of the property. Then in your template, it is referred to as #menus_1, $menus_2, etc.

However,you can refer to a specific menu directly with is variable $menus['main_nav'].

It might be rare that you need to do this but when you need it, it is handy.

How to manage/edit sqlite database--some useful tools

Tuesday, October 08, 2013, 21:11

RiteCMS is based on Sqlite database, a lightweight, fast database engine. There are many free/paid softwares that you can use if you ever want to manage your database.

We mainly use mac and we use Navicat Premium Essentials, a very fast, stable software.On our only windows machine (for testing purposes), we use SqliteAdmin, a free and very fast piece of software.

The above are not necessarily the best softwares other there. It is our personal preference. We also have used the following and still use them from time to time.

  • Firefox Sqlite Plugin - cross-platform: SqliteManager
  • Many tech junkies recommend Sqlite Expert, we have not tried it but it is worthwhile to check it out. The personal version is free.
  • If you want, [|Sqlite]] official website offers a free command line tool, it is a tool that we also use as well.

Do you have any other Sqlite tools that you would recommend to fellow RiteCMS users? Share it below.

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How to set pulldown menus

Sunday, October 06, 2013, 21:23

pulldown menu support is now built-in.

In menus, create a new menu and named it "submenu 1".

In main menu, look for the column 'submenu' and put the name of the newly create "submenu 1" to a row that you want.

That is it.

To see it in action, move your mouse to "support" in the above menu.


How to set nested menus

Friday, April 15, 2011, 09:46

Here is a quick tip on how to set up nested or pull-down menus.
You first need to define a new set of submenu in your settings and name the submenu name the same as one section name of the main menu.
Secondly, call menu_2 in appropriate pages.
Thirdly, add the submenu to the main menu by changing the following in your templae file.

How to create a seperate news template

Monday, March 21, 2011, 18:38

If you have several news page,you can use a different (sub)template for each page. For example, you have a blog page and a news page. In your news page, you want to have title and time only. In your blog page, you want to have title, time and teaser.

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