version 3.1.0 officially released in March, 2021

Version 3.1.0: GitHub(mirror 1), SourceForge(mirror 2).

Released in March 2021, Version 3.1.0 features:

  1. CMS engine is now separate from contents. This makes it possible to host multiple websites with one central CMS engine
  2. Backend is now powered by admin.php at root folder
  3. Support Php 7.x
  4. Templates rewritten with CSS3 and submenu
  5. Tested on both Apache & NGINX
  6. TinyMCE configured to version 5
  7. Built-in CAPTCHA support with SECURIMAGE
  8. Built-in image slide-show/carousal without JQuery
  9. Still lightweight and self-contained without any outside bootstrap or jQuery. This means a lot for websites targeting countries with slow internet and security firewall.

RiteCMS source code is now hosted on github and sourceforge. For most recent update, please visit there.Current stable version is V3.1.0 released in March 10, 2021. It is the recommonded version as of March 2021.

If you are a developer or designer, welcome to contribute to this project.

If you are an end user, feel free to share your website with us. We will showcase your website in our website.

The story of RiteCMS

The story of RiteCMS goes back more than 10 years. I was designing my business website on a shared hosting environment. For security reasons, the MySQL server was seated behind a firewall and extremely slow. So, WordPress ran like a turtle. I decided to look for a PHP CMS WITHOUT MySQL. by Alex was an ideal choice among many. 2 years later, I was still very satisfied with its performance but not quite with its features. Alex was pretty busy and could not respond as I expected.

So I decided to fork the project to better suit my needs. The result is RiteCMS.

Over the years, I have contributed hundreds of hours to the project, and it now serves me pretty well. It has powered many project websites for me.

RiteCMS is now more important to me due to one important reason—my clients in Asia.

Nowadays, many websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress relies on many outside codes such as bootstrap, google analytics, CAPTCHA, CSS hosted on CDN, etc. Many of these outside scripts are seated on servers that are totally blocked by the Chinese government. When people from China visit a website like this, they will see a broken website.

However, RiteCMS, unlike many other CMS systems, is self-contained. Everything is on the same server. It does NOT reply on any external CSS, Javascript, CAPTCHA services, etc.

In addition to that, RiteCMS is light-weight and simple to use.

10 ways you can use RiteCMS

Many people would think of a CMS as a tool to power a business website. That is certainly true. But a CMS can do much more than that, especially RiteCMS which is powered by PHP and Sqlite database. An Sqlite database is simply one single file. This makes it very easy to sync data. Below are some creative ways to use RiteCMS.

  1. First and foremost, you can create a website for your business or hobby.
  2. Of course, you can create a personal blog with RiteCMS. Version 3.1.0 has built-in Blog-like function. All articles can be automatically added to a news(blog) page.
  3. Looking for a job? Quickly create a personal portfolio website with your resume, etc.
  4. A personal notebook. I use RiteCMS as a notebook in my Macbook.
  5. A recipe collector. With a built-in search function, this is a no brainer.
  6. Online private project discussion board. With the built-in comments function, you can easily turn RiteCMS into a little discussion room for a small group.
  7. Applying for colleges? Create a personal website to impress your admission officer.
  8. Online photobook. RiteCMS has gallery function built in.
  9. A community newspaper. With its ease of use, you can easily create a community newspaper in minutes.
  10. A personal bookmark.

What else can you do with RiteCMS? Please let us know.

RiteCMS is an open source CMS (Content Management System) software released under GNU/GPL license. Securimage & TinyMCE are copyrighted of their respective developers. The project began in 2009 as a fork of The project has been maintained by Lucas Zhuang. Version 3.X is a new released with new features and compatible with Php 7. It has been tested on Apache and NGINX.

While we try our best to make it run as smooth as possbile, we offer no explicit guarantee or warranty. Use at your risk.

The RiteCMS project is now maintained by Lucas Zhuang. We now accept service requests, such as server administration, RiteCMS installation, customization, etc. All reqeusts should be directed to

RiteCMS website is designed in Rhode Island, USA with love.

© 2021 Lucas Zhuang & the RiteCMS project.