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We are just ordinary people who want to share our knowledge on web design and development. We released this software hoping that you can benefit from our experience and knowledge. We will try out best to help. However, if you need specific assistance and do not hear from us immediately, we might be busy working our daytime job. Thanks for your understanding.

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RiteCMS is an open source CMS (Content Management System) software released under GNU/GPL license. Securimage & TinyMCE are copyrighted of their respective developers. The project began in 2009 as a fork of The project has been maintained by Lucas Zhuang. Version 3.X is a new released with new features and compatible with Php 7. It has been tested on Apache and NGINX.

While we try our best to make it run as smooth as possbile, we offer no explicit guarantee or warranty. Use at your risk.

The RiteCMS project is now maintained by Lucas Zhuang. We now accept service requests, such as server administration, RiteCMS installation, customization, etc. All reqeusts should be directed to

RiteCMS website is designed in Rhode Island, USA with love.

© 2021 Lucas Zhuang & the RiteCMS project.