[North Providence, RI: March 24, 2021] — After a long hiatus, RiteCMS 3.1.0 is officially released. This version is a major architectural upgrade that can accommodate multiple websites and makes future upgrades a lot easier. It is also compatible with Php7.x.

RiteCMS is a Content Management System that is used to power a website. It was initially developed in 2009 due to poor performance in shared hosting environments, as stated by lead developer Lucas Zhuang. Lucas goes on to explain, “There are a lot of CMS softwares out there, but they are all bloated and slow, especially in a shared hosting environment where your website lives with hundreds if not thousands of other websites. Additionally, most MySQL databases are protected in a dedicated server behind a heavy-duty firewall. These are the reasons why WordPress websites are typically very slow. RiteCMS is based on Php and Sqlite. Sqlite is a text-based database and is very fast. I would say most small business websites can easily be powered by RiteCMS with all basic functionalities.”

RiteCMS is probably the only Open Source CMS software with its lead developer, Lucas, based in New England. He has contributed thousands of hours into the software. The last version, 2.3.0, was released 10 years ago and is still being downloaded regularly. There has been many requests for a new version, but Lucas didn’t have the time to release a new version. However, there have been a lot of updates over the years.

Version 3.1.0 is a direct result of Covid-19. Due to Covid, Lucas couldn’t travel as much as before and thus has had more time to work on the software. “I feel happy to release a new version for small business owners, hobbyists, and other users. I would like to thank Rhode Island SCORE for its direct motivation. As a subject matter expert at Rhode Island SCORE, I try to support most events of the organization, and one presenter in a webinar mentioned that startups increased by more than 30% due Covid-19. That means more budding entrepreneurs will need websites," he said.

RiteCMS source code is now hosted on both GitHub and SourceForge. Interested users can clone the most recent source code directly from there. A 3.1.0 package can be downloaded as well.

Covid19 has negatively affected almost everybody. Lucas hopes the version can help entrepreneurs to build their dream website easily at a great price so that they can focus their energy on more important things.

For more information, please visit https://RiteCMS.com or contact lead developer Lucas at lucas@RiteCMS.com

RiteCMS is an open source CMS (Content Management System) software released under GNU/GPL license. Securimage & TinyMCE are copyrighted of their respective developers. The project began in 2009 as a fork of PhpSqliteCMS.net. The project has been maintained by Lucas Zhuang. Version 3.X is a new released with new features and compatible with Php 7. It has been tested on Apache and NGINX.

While we try our best to make it run as smooth as possbile, we offer no explicit guarantee or warranty. Use at your risk.

The RiteCMS project is now maintained by Lucas Zhuang. We now accept service requests, such as server administration, RiteCMS installation, customization, etc. All reqeusts should be directed to ZoriaMedia.com.

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