Features of RiteCMS

Here is a basic list of features of RiteCMS.

RiteCMS inherits all the great features of PhpSqliteCMS plus some more features. The italic items are unique to RiteCMS.

  • Fast: fast loading on both front end and backend.
  • Easy to setup: upload and run.
  • Easy to develop: you can use only one template and one css style sheet to power the whole website.
  • Easy to maintain: just download (sync) two files.
  • Simple and lightweight: less than 60 core files.
  • Runs out of the box (no database setup required).
  • Optional caching to save server performance.
  • Supports news, overview and commendable pages, photo galleries, search function, RSS feeds and XML sitemaps.
  • Support what WYSIWYG, with TinyMCE.
  • ------below are features unique to RiteCMS------
  • Theme-able news and overview pages: you can make a separate theme for each news or overview page.
  • Support EazyMobile™(trademark of ZoriaMedia).
  • Built-in QR code.
  • Added pagination on Page Overview.

We are adding more features to RiteCMS. Stay tuned.

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